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The @youbelongnow Instagram page features content creators from all backgrounds. We believe deeply in the power of intersectionality, however, we made the intentional decision to open the page with an inaugural group of 100 Black Women content creators.


The inaugural 100 Black women raise awareness about the deep-rooted issues of systemic racism and colorism that plague the blogging and fashion industry. Black women across the world have been subjected to every single type of socio-economic injustice, and as we celebrated the beauty of diversity and inclusion on our platform, we wanted to honor that fact.


The inaugural 100 Black women demonstrate that there are no justifiable reasons for excluding Black women in the industry – it is done with the intention to discriminate on the basis of race and color, or it is a result of willful ignorance. The number 100 is significant, however, it does not scratch the surface of the diversity and talent among Black women content creators. These 100 women challenge the narrative that talented Black women content creators do not exist.


Head to @YOUBELONGNOW to check out their pages/blogs.