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YBN Round Up: 10 Talented Black Influencers With Under 10,000 Instagram Followers

While an influencer’s follower count gives you some metric, it cannot be used to measure the talent, hard work, and dedication of many Black creatives. This week, we’re sharing 10 talented Black influencers with under 10,000 followers who are doing amazing work.

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What The FTC? 3 Big Misconceptions About Brand Partnership Guidelines

At first glance, the FTC guidelines can be intimidating. Federal penalties and filters don’t exactly go hand-in-hand, but as an Influencer you have to be aware of the rules so you can protect your brand partner and your personal brand.

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How To Create GREAT Branded Content

Hey YBN readers, lets give a warm welcome to Shannae of TorontoShay. She is a successful blogger, media professional, wife, and mother. Today, she'll be sharing some super helpful tips and highlighting the work of many talented influencers. One of our principles at YBN is to recognize the great achievements in our communities. We know you'll enjoy Shannae's post and learn quite a few things! 

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